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Wedding Package $3200 | Intimate Ceremonies $1050

As photojournalists, we believe that one day is not enough to tell your love story. We enjoy spending time to get to know our clients and their loved ones so that we can tell your love story through an intimate and familial lens. 

A peek into Anahi and Matt's life in San Diego.

Day in the Life Engagement Session

For your engagement session, we spend 2 hours capturing what a day in your life as a couple looks like. Maybe you like to grab coffee and walk your dog together. Or maybe you like to grab ice cream and take a stroll on the beach. Perhaps you like to sit at home and play video games or go out dancing. We want to help you create a day that reflects you as a couple. We want your friends and family to see your engagement pictures and say, "that's SO them!" 

Gathering with Friends + Family

The second part of our wedding package includes capturing 2 hours of an event or gathering with your friends and/or family. Your loved ones play a large part in your love story and we want to make sure we include that part of your journey. By spending time with you and your loved ones, we're able to witness and document your unique relationships with the major player in your lives. By the time wedding day comes, your loves ones are familiar with us and us with them. This allows us to photograph the big day from an intimate and familial lens, capturing the raw emotion and love you share with your weddings guests.


Wedding Day

On your wedding day we spend 8 hours by your side, documenting all of the important moments - from getting ready to dancing the night away. 


Love Story | $3200 

+ 2 hours "Day in the Life" engagement session

+ 2 hours gathering with family/friends

+ 8 hours wedding day coverage 

*each additional hour is $200

Intimate Ceremony  | $1050

+ 2 hours "Day in the Life" engagement session

+ 2 hours wedding day coverage

*maximum 40 guests

*each additional hour is $200 

Helping Others

When you book a Wedding or Intimate Ceremony, we donate a portion of our proceeds to United Way of San Luis Obispo County who strive "to foster structural change by addressing root causes in order to safeguard the future of our community. [Their] focus is on education, income and health – the building blocks for a good quality of life."

If events are located outside of San Luis Obispo county, travel expenses will be factored in for an additional fee.

The prices stated above are as of 7/24/19 and are subject to change.

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